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Very nice indeed

The animation was very, very good. The ending was brilliant. Just one thing be careful about "resizing" (It's when the stickman appears to change height sometimes), it happened a few times in the animation.
Other than that, awesome.

Jectoons responds:

I noticed the resizing, but i did not give it too much importance. Thanks for pointing it out, anyways :D

And, of course, for the review!


The animations itself wasn't anything special, just some tweens and stuff. The choreaography was good, lipsynching, was ok. Nothing otherwordly though.

DaBigCow responds:

It was kept simple, and I think that's why it worked together well.

Really great

Nice animation, just didn't give you 10 because there was a lot of resizing in the anim. Great work though, reminds me of my schoolyears

trul responds:

it's probably because of cold )))

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Among the best games I've played in Newgrounds.

I've played a vast amount of games in Newgrounds, some really amazing, and professionally done.
But let me tell you, Exploit ranks among, if not higher, the best games in Newgrounds. The story is excellent. The puzzles were really greatifying and enjoyable to do, giving you that "oh, so that's how it's done. Very clever" feeling once you finish them. I've played this game yesterday an hour or so and got through halfway the story, and spent another hour today finishing it, and all of the challenges. No other flash game has taken so much time from me. And that's a great thing.
Thank you for this amazing game. All I can ask is for a sequel, perhaps with more obstacles.

5/5, 10/10, favourited.

Absolutely legendary game.

Very Interesting.

I like this idea a lot. You could make a game out of this. Can't wait to see what will come out of this.

Interesting idea

I like the idea of it, it's a nice concept. The buttons should be bigger, and there should be more obvious hints to where to click next. Also, the you should allow a bit more time on those moments where you had to click fast.
A sequel perhaps?


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As always.

Awesome song :D Made me dance as well :P

keep it up

I like to sleep. Oh, yeah gaming too. But generally, i like to sleep.

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